Collegium Helveticum
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Fellow Project 2023–2024

Digital Transformation of the Agricultural Sector for Sustainable Development
Pathways, Drivers, and Policy Implications

The main objective of the project is to improve our understanding of the impact of digitalization on the efficiency of the agricultural sector. To achieve this, the project uses data mining tools and techniques as well as risk assessment strategies to inform decisions on digital investments. Within this, the potential of digitalization to increase business margins and contribute to the global β€œzero hunger” goal set by the UN Sustainable Development Programme is a driving motivation.

The project focuses on several key facets. It explores the global landscape of experiences with agricultural digitalization and develops a methodology to assess its effectiveness. Furthermore, the study includes an analysis of data availability and the creation of databases, an assessment of the efficiency of agricultural producers by evaluating the state of digitalization of the sector, and the application of ML techniques. Finally, the project’s scope extends to forecasting the digitalization trajectory of the agricultural sector, in line with broader economic trends.