Collegium Helveticum
Hanging Gardens of Babylon, colored engraving, 19th Century Β© North Wind Picture Archives / Alamy Stock Photo
Fellow Project 2023–2024

Dense and Green Cities
Emerging Models of Integrated Urban Development

Contemporary urban planning, design, and architecture practices are increasingly exploring the potential of sustainable integrated districts (SIDs) as models for future high-density, high-livability cities. SIDs aim to fully realize planning and design innovations by deploying and integrating them through larger systems solutions at the urban scale. Building density and sustainability in SIDs are often seen as mutually dependent and synergistic.

During his visiting professorship at ETH Zurich and senior fellowship at the Collegium Helveticum, Thomas Schroepfer will primarily be working on a book that is slated for publication by BirkhΓ€user in fall 2024. The book will explore important questions of concept, planning, design, technology, and experience of key examples of recently completed and currently planned SIDs in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. These include, among others, one-north and the Punggol Digital District in Singapore; King’s Cross in London, United Kingdom; Zuidas in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Les LumiΓ¨res Pleyel in Paris, France; and Quayside in Toronto, Canada.

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