Collegium Helveticum

Central Bank Digital Currencies
Proceedings of a Colloquium

Christos Gortsos and Rolf Sethe are editors of this new book with contributions on the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), i.e. the digital form of government-issued legal tender. The contributions are the results of a colloquium jointly organised by the Collegium Helveticum and the Financial Market Regulation Research Programme (URPP FinReg).

The contributions to this book provide an in-depth analysis of the following aspects of CBDCs:

  • Global Financial Architecture and Decentralized CBDC Regimes by Rolf H. Weber
  • The Shift from Private Money into “Unlimited” CBDCs: An Unviable Development or a Chance for Reform and New Opportunities? by Christian Hofmann
  • A Macroeconomic Perspective on Retail CBDC and the Digital Euro by Dirk Niepelt
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies: Central Bank Money Reaches a New Frontier by Chiara Zilioli
  • The Simple(r) Case for Wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency by Thomas Moser

The articles constitute an optimal blend between legal, institutional, and economic aspects on CBDCs by high-quality experts, combining the academic, and the central bank perspectives.

Rolf H. Weber, Christian Hofmann, Dirk Niepelt, Chiara Zilioli, and Thomas Moser. Central Bank Digital Currencies: Proceedings of a Colloquium. Edited by Christos Gortsos and Rolf Sethe. Zurich: EIZPublishing, 2023.