Collegium Helveticum

The Collegium as a venue

All fellows are encouraged to make use of the various event spaces at the observatory to engage different audiences. The Collegium welcomes creative and experimental ideas and is committed to supporting the fellows in planning and hosting their event.

Fellow events

Early-career and senior fellows are asked to contribute to the Collegium’s program by applying with an idea for an event that can be realized during their fellowship. They may deliver or organize a lecture, convene a meeting, host a workshop, symposium, or conference, or make use of the Collegium’s exhibition spaces. There is no single format applied to all events and no specific limitations set by the Collegium. Each event is individual and organized around the fellows’ interests and work.

Event spaces

The fellows’ events are usually open to the public. For workshops, conferences, panel discussions, film screenings, and the like—for an audience of up to seventy guests— the Collegium can offer the Meridian Hall as a venue for lectures or concerts. For events of up to twenty people, the Rudolf Wolf Room provides a more intimate atmosphere. The Collegium also offers exhibition and performance spaces that create opportunities for more artistic formats, collaborative projects between the arts and the sciences, or more experimental forms of exchange. While most events take place on the Collegium’s premises, partnerships with local institutions are encouraged if they provide an ideal environment for an event, especially to engage new audiences.


The diversity of projects, people, disciplines, and backgrounds is reflected in the event program, with the Semper Observatory serving as the meeting ground where different audiences can join the discussion. In this spirit, the Collegium also cooperates with local cultural and academic institutions to facilitate events both in the Observatory and in other venues across Zurich.