Collegium Helveticum

Diversity of Perspectives and Experiences

A diversity of perspectives is key in responding to the major challenges of our times. The Collegium Helveticum is a growing community of fellows and thus its notion of diversity is continuously evolving. We ask you to read what follows as an invitation to become part of and shape this community.

Community of fellows

The fellowship program at the Collegium is open to academics and artists of all backgrounds and disciplines. Diversity is vital for any system that relies on self-organization. It emerges on the community level. While the presence of each fellow contributes to the diversity of the Collegium’s community, diversity cannot be attributed to any single individual.

The variety of perspectives and experiences is fundamental to the character of the community of fellows. Therefore, the Collegium places a strong emphasis on diversity at various levels notably abilities, cultural, disciplinary, ethnic, epistemological, experiential, geographical, professional, and socioeconomic diversity. Furthermore, the Collegium fosters an environment that respects religious beliefs, political preferences, gender identities, sexual orientation, and caregiving responsibilities. At the Collegium, academic and artistic freedom, in the sense of being open to all arguments, is crucial. This requires fellows to interact respectfully in all regards.

The diversity of the growing fellow community brings tangible benefits, fostering innovation and introducing new perspectives in the local academic ecosystem. It contributes to a welcoming and responsible environment, promoting productive exchanges and mitigate biases.

Creative and sustainable solutions to the major challenges of the future require exchange across disciplines. A serious engagement with these challenges profits from a multitude of approaches and perspectives. The development of both mutual understanding and trust is required for the necessary collaborations across disciplines.

A diverse community of fellows enables the Collegium to engage different audiences through the events that the fellows organize during their stay, providing many with the opportunity to participate in the important conversations staged at the Collegium.

Ultimately, diversity has the potential to change both individual perspectives and the outlook of any institution that welcomes it. Therefore, the Collegium’s understanding and practice of diversity continue to evolve day by day.

Want to become a fellow?

The fellowship program is open to applications from all fields and to applicants from around the globe. We strive to offer fair access to the fellowship program. When selecting fellows, our decisions consider each applicant’s career path in relation to their background. If you are unsure whether the Collegium’s program is a good fit for you specifically, we encourage you to connect with past and current fellows for guidance. We trust their experiences and insights are the most reliable source of advice.