Collegium Helveticum

Niels van Doorn
Senior Fellow 2023–2024

New media studies
Fellowship duration
February 01, 2024–June 30, 2024
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University of Amsterdam, NL


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Niels van Doorn is Associate Professor of New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam (NL). He recently completed an ERC–funded research project (Platform Labor), which examined how digital platforms are transforming labor and social reproduction in cities impacted by waves of welfare reform and decentralized governance frameworks. In a broader sense, he explores how platforms and platformization are reshaping the relationships between the market, the state, and civil society actors. In doing so, Niels’ research focuses in particular on the social inequalities and stratifications that mark these relations. He is a founding editor of the forthcoming journal Platforms & Society (Sage Open Access), and sits on the editorial board of Work, Employment & Society.

Niels holds a PhD in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam School of Communication Research, 2010). Before joining the UvA’s Department of Media Studies in 2012, he spent two years as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The research conducted there resulted in his first book, Civic Intimacies (Temple UP, 2019).