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Mario Biagioli
Senior Fellow 2023–2024

Science and technology studies
Fellowship duration
March 15, 2024–May 15, 2024
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University of California, Los Angeles, US


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Mario Biagioli is a Distinguished Professor of Law and Communication at the University of California, Los Angeles (US). He was previously a Distinguished Professor in the School of Law, the STS Program, and the Department of History at UC Davis (US), where he was the founding director for the Center for Science and Innovation Studies, and an associate faculty member of the Cultural Studies Program and the Critical Theory Program. Prior to UC Davis, he was Professor of History of Science at Harvard University (US). He has also taught at Stanford (US), the University of Chicago (US), the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris, FR), UCLA’s Department of History, and the European University at St Petersburg (RU). Mario’s scholarship is at the intersection of intellectual property and science and technology studies. 

Mario Biagioli is currently completing a book on the new forms of scientific fraud and misconduct that are spawn by the introduction of metrics of academic evaluation. Other interests include patentable subject matter, the history of the idea/expression divide, and the role of eyewitnessing in science. He is the author of Galileo's Instruments of Credit: Telescopes, Images, Secrecy (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2006) and Galileo, Courtier (University of Chicago Press, 1993), (translated in German, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese). His articles have appeared in Nature, Critical Inquiry, Notre Dame Law Review, Trends in Chemistry, KNOW, UC Davis Law Review, Angewandte Chemie, Theory Culture & Society, International Journal of Cultural Property, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science among others.