Collegium Helveticum

Lyudmyla Romanyuk
Senior Fellow 2023–2024

Developmental psychology
Fellowship duration
October 01, 2023–January 31, 2024
Home institution

State Tax University, UA


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This fellowship was supported by the OPO Foundation
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Lyudmyla Romanyuk is professor and founding program director of the educational master program “Psychology. Business Psychology” at the State Tax University (STU) in Kyiv, UA, and a professor in the Psychology, Pedagogy and Sociology Department at STU. She is also a national representative of the European Association of Developmental Psychology (ERU EADP) in Ukraine.

Lyudmyla’s research focuses on the interplay of human values, subjective well-being, and self-efficacy in adults. Her publication list includes book such as Values Psychology (2022, 2017), Values Psychology and Students’ Value Orientations (2020), and Personal Values Becoming: Psychological Aspect (2013). The latter book deals with the psychology of the development of personality values in adulthood and—in keeping with theoretical propositions from a phenomenological-synergetic approach—formulates the concept of values’ becoming in personality development through socio-cultural space. Lyudmyla has published more than 350 papers on such topics and collaborates extensively with non-profit organizations to ensure real-world applicability of her research contributions and tools.

Her current work turns to values psychology to ask: how do values influence subjective well-being or life satisfaction and self-efficacy in adults?