Collegium Helveticum

Bernhard Mikeska
Senior Fellow 2023–2024

Fellowship duration
October 01, 2023–June 30, 2024
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Bernhard Mikeska is theatre director and artistic director of the company RAUM+ZEIT. After having obtained his PhD on complex systems in Heidelberg and Hamburg, he moved on from the science of theoretical physics to practice based research on and with theatre and the performing arts. He has been developing and publishing analogue immersive, hybrid digital virtual reality (VR) installations for more than fifteen years. Situated at the crossroads between artistic research, visual and performing arts, his works question the idea of a consistent space-time continuum and challenge people’s habitual expectations as well as accustomed ways of perceiving.

Bernhard’s hybrid installation ANTIGONE :: COMEBACK – A rehearsal with Helene Weigel and Brecht (Theater Chur, Switzerland) was invited to the Swiss Theatertreffen 2019. His VR/live-installation BERLAU :: KÖNIGREICH DER GEISTER (Berliner Ensemble) about Brechts co-writer and lover Ruth Berlau was awarded the Friedrich-Luft-Prize 2022 for the best Berlin production of the year.