Collegium Helveticum

Rahel Zimmermann
Early-Career Fellow 2021–2022

Fellowship duration
September 01, 2021–June 30, 2022

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Rahel Zimmermann’s (born 1988 in Glarus, Switzerland) research focuses on sound in space. She explores spatial aural perception through experimental and empirical approaches and creates compositions using innovative aural environments. She works as a composer for installations, film and theatre, and produces her own projects.

After completing her Bachelor’s in architecture at ETH Zurich in 2013, she studied composition for film, theatre and media at ZHdK with Peter Scherer and Germán Toro-Pérez. She completed her Master’s in 2019 with the concert Von Dannen, a composition for nine loudspeakers and headphones, and her the thesis Neue Dimensionen in Klangräumen – die Überlagerung eines binauralen Klangraumes und eines Surround-Klangraumes. She is the recipient of a scholarship from the Hans Streiff Foundation in 2018 and the Werkjahr für zeitgenössische Komposition from the Christoph Delz Foundation in 2020.

In her artistic work and her research, she explores auditory perception in space through experimental and empirical approaches. Rahel creates compositions using innovative aural environments, and works as a composer for installations, film, and theater. For her fellowship project at the Collegium, she was nominated for the Prix Netzhdk 2022.