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Walking Festival of Sound


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Participation is for free.

We encourage you to book in advance. This way we can stay in touch in case of udpates or changes to the program.

Walking Festival of Sound is a transdisciplinary event exploring the role of walking through and listening to our everyday surroundings. It combines a number of free and public events including walking performances, alternative city tours and sound walks, all taking place in diverse public spaces around Zurich. The festival is co-directed by Jacek Smolicki and Tim Shaw. 

Surprise City Tour
Hans Peter Meier, Surprise NGO

Friday June 21, 2024, 9:00

The Walking Festival of Sound invite the Surprise Association to offer a tour of Zurich from the perspective of Hans Peter Meier. On the tour you will learn how urban planning and socio-economic development have changed public spaces and the way people affected by poverty are treated in Zurich. But you will also hear who drew attention to the problem of homelessness in the 1960s and what measures church and city representatives took to respond. The tour takes you to inconspicuous places. These are visited by peopleon the edge of society, for example due to addiction and poverty. At the end of the tour you will find out how the club's offerings enable numerous people to cope with everyday life under difficult conditions.

Hans Peter Meier has been selling "Surprise" at Bellevue since January 2009. Internationally, he installed software standards, trained IT personnel, and led a jet-set lifestyle. During this time, his alcohol consumption began to steadily increase. In his last job, he managed software that banks used for their stock trading. In 2000, the dot-com bubble burst, followed by restructurings. Meier lost his job in 2003. He took on many odd jobs until even those dried up. Drinking became a problem. During this time, he was a part of many institutions of the "Social City Tour." Today, he is a recovering alcoholic and lives solely from magazine sales and, since October 2014, from the Social City Tours. His motto: "It can happen to anyone. Even with little money, one can live with dignity."

The Shortest Night Stroll
San Keller

Friday June 21, 2024, 22:00

This year's Shortest Night Stroll guides walkers from the city of Zurich to Lake Pfäffikon in the Zurich Oberland. The walk begins at sunset and ends at sunrise, lasting 8 hours and 5 minutes, occupying the duration of the shortest night of the year in Zurich. Participants choose their own starting point in the city. Each participant is invited to wear sunglasses for the entire walk in order to recognise each other throughout the night. The walk ends with a group swim in Lake Pfäffikon at dawn.

As an ‘artist artist’, San Keller takes on various roles and positions in the art world with a great deal of scepticism, self-irony and energy. What others don't do, he popularises. A questioner who provides simple answers. San knows no opening hours. Everything is there, anytime and anywhere. He relentlessly acclimatises us to the familiar. A master of real time, of imponderables and a romantic who believes in freedom in the existing.

230623 - I Still Haven't Read “The Passages” by Walter Benjamin
Vreni Spieser

Sunday June 23, 2024, 13:00

Exactly a year ago, Vreni Spieser took her last walk through the shopping galerias of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Exactly one year later, she is walking in the greenery of Zurich, listening to the birds; the scent of trees, grass and flowers. For this walk she shares her memories, experiences and thoughts of Buenos Aires with you. An attempt to create an archive of a certain architecture typology: The Galerias. Or to name them as the decaying tunnels and caves through the belly of a city.

Vreni Spieser works mostly with installation and performance, often in relation to architecture, often in ways that are temporary or impermanent. A central theme is her interest in ornamentation, itself a product of migration, adaptation, and transformation. She works to create alternative spaces that can be read as a counter-position within our culture, where critical reflection on what already exists is possible and the imaginary of an alternative possible life can be realized.

Dove va l’umanità? Boh!
Where is Humanity going? Boh!
Wohin geht die Menschheit? Boh!
Stalker (Giulia Fiocca, Lorenzo Romito)

Sunday June 23, 2024, 17:30

What moves us to walk? Why do we do it together? Where do we go? While walking, we ask ourselves these questions. Answers will come.

The first question is about learning from Rome, the city that regenerated itself through a number of significant transitions. Latium, Mundus, Asylum, three forgotten myths we use as compass while walking together. Three stars to search for in the sky from the Observatory. An invitation to reinvent it. A proposal by Stalker (Giulia Fiocca and Lorenzo Romito), Rome, Italy.

Stalker, (Giulia Fiocca, Lorenzo Romito) is a collective of artists and architects, founded in 1995 in Rome, focused on local research and activities, with particular attention to marginal areas, mainly urban voids and spaces in transformation. Their practice is based on urban explorations, listening and interactions that enact a creative flow within the investigated area, its people and their collective memory and imagination. These processes aim at generating social and environmental relationships capable of self-organizing themselves and evolving. The activities of Stalker promote sharing of knowledge, collaborations and awareness-raising inside different communities towards their territory and their cultural environment.

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