Collegium Helveticum

Time to Socialize
Does the Timing of Brain Development Predict Prosocial and Play Behavior?


Venue & accessibility info: Meridian Hall, Collegium Helveticum

This is a public event. Participation is free of charge and registration is not required.

The workshop is followed by a small reception.

In line with Paola Cerrito's fellowship project, this workshop sought to investigate neurobiological and life-history traits that may explain the high levels of sociality in some primates, especially in humans and marmosets.

Organized in collaboration with her Associate Fellow Judith Burkart, the workshop brought together clinical and comparative approaches to better understand the role of neurodevelopmental timing and the presence of alloparental care in the evolution of human social cognition and in the development of disorders such as ASD. The topic was addressed by adopting both an ontogenetic and phylogenetic approach by an interdisciplinary group of international speakers that included neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

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