Collegium Helveticum
Yinyin Ma

The Role of Culture in the Exploration of Post-Trauma Suffering


Venue & accessibility info: Meridian Hall, Collegium Helveticum

This is a public conference. Participation is free of charge and registration is not required.

Virtual participation via this link is possible and auto-captioning is available.

Research and clinical evidence affirm that trauma’s impact is a universal human experience, uniquely shaped by cultural distinctions. This conference provides a platform to explore the intricate relationship between culture and the manifestation of trauma related symptoms. It facilitates a comprehensive examination of how diverse societies interpret and respond to trauma.

The conference serves as a gathering point for researchers and mental health professionals to engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas, research findings, and practical in sights. By fostering a deeper understanding of how cultural factors influence trauma and its treatment, the event aims to contribute to the enhancement of more inclusive, effective, and culturally competent approaches of assessment and treatment of trauma related symptoms. Furthermore, the conference will explore how scientific filmmaking can serve as a powerful storytelling tool, empower communities to share their stories, advocate for cultural-sensitive mental health services, and bridge cross-cultural communication, ultimately enhancing the inclusivity and effectiveness of clinical psychology interventions.

April 23, 2024


Opening and welcome remarks

Celestin Mutuyimana
Collegium Helveticum


Towards New Scientific Impulses in Culturally Informed Trauma
Psychopathology and Intervention

Andreas Maercker
University of Zurich, CH

Rahel Bachem
University of Zurich, CH

Followed by a panel discussion with associated researchers.


Emic and Etic Approaches to Assess Trauma Related Symptoms in Namibia, South Africa, and Kenya

Amber Gayle Thalmayer
University of Zurich, CH

Daniel Hofmann
University of Zurich, CH


Coffee break


Cultural Aspects in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Eva Heim and Marion Bovey
University of Lausanne 


Open discussion and reflection on the morning presentations by moderators


Lunch break


Traditional Luhya Mourning Rituals: Towards a Cultural Model for Grief Processing in a Kenyan Indigenous Community

Stephen Asatsa
Catholic University of  Eastern Africa, KE

Followed by an open discussion.


Film Science and Society

Samer Angelone
Swiss Science Film Academy, CH


Soul Wounds and Sewing Souls
Film screening

Followed by an open discussion.


Closing remarks

Followed by a small reception.

April 24, 2024


Inclusion of Refugees with Severe Trauma Sequelae into the Regular German Psychotherapeutic Care System with Coordinated Treatment and the Assistance of Peer Support Workers

Michael Odenwald
University of Konstanz, DE

Followed by an open discussion. 


Posttrauma Expressions and Ways of Living of Children Born Out of Rape during Genocide against Tutsi In Rwanda

Adelite Mukamana
Mental health professional, RW

Followed by an open discussion.


Coffee break


Filmmaking as a an Agent of Transformation

via Zoom

Eda Elif Tibet
University of Bern, CH


Film screening

With an introduction by Celestin Mutuyimana.
Followed by an open discussion.


Closing remarks



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