Collegium Helveticum

The Observatory
Remnants of Explorations on Lost, Marginal, and Possible Realities


Opening hours: Mon–Fri, 12:30–16:30

Opening event: June 18, 2024, 18:00–21:30

This is a public exhibition. Participation is free of charge.

Since its abandonment, the observatory has been infiltrated by a number of stalkers for spatial investigations carried out for unclear purposes. Based on notes, maps, pictures, and sketches left on site, it can be assumed that the aim was to interpret the number of sunspots. The research and site were abruptly abandoned when it was decided to reopen the observatory. All the documentation of the clandestine work can be seen on site as it was hastily left behind. Three Latin words appeared frequently in the notes found: Latium, Asylum and Mundus, which some papers also refer to as three mythological algorithms for navigating the unpredictable, volatile times we live in. The exhibition is an invitation to explore the observatory together with the leftover traces of explorations held in Rome, Zurich, and Ticino to investigate and map clues of lost, marginal, and possible realities.

Opening event
June 18, 2024, 18:00–21:30

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