Collegium Helveticum
© Tim Shaw

Structural Media


Mehrspur Musikklub
Förrlibuckstrasse 109
8005 Zurich

An evening of performances from artists exploring DIY media, deconstructive technologies, and sculptural electronics. Expect a sensorium of sound, light, computational failures, and intermedia constructions. 

Performing artists

Tim Shaw and Dirty Electronics

Tim Shaw and Dirty Electronics experiment with high-voltage devices and DIY electronics to create performance-installations that explore the fusion of light, sound, object and action. Their collaborative work involves the use of electricity as a raw material to create intense auditory and visual experiences. 

Expect a dynamic performance environment built from everyday objects, open mechanisms, sound circuits, camera flashes, Franklin bells, Jacobs Ladders, spark gaps, plasma speakers and sculptural electronics. A wayfaring journey through the danger zone of high voltage and low technology. 

Dirty Electronics and Tim Shaw have performed together throughout Europe, Japan and Hong Kong presenting their collaborative work in theatres, music venues, warehouses, parks and art galleries. In 2021 they released a collaborative tape ‘Objects at Hand’ on the UK label Opal Tapes and recent completed a residency in an old timber yard in Yamaguchi, Japan. 

Valentina Vuksic

Improvisation with/in the electrosmog of the computational–noisy electromagnetics disco–stress-linux for system health check–strictly terminal


This event is a cooperation between Collegium Helveticum, Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK and the SNFS research project Computer Signals, ZHdK/IFCAR.

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