Collegium Helveticum
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Fellow Lecture

How AI is Disrupting Developer Productivity
It’s More Complicated Than We May Think


Venue & accessibility info: Meridian Hall, Collegium Helveticum

This is a public event. Participation is free of charge and registration is not required.

The lecture is followed by a small reception.

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have innovated technologies to augment and amplify physical and intellectual human abilities. Hunting tools, clothing, language, and writing are just some of the examples that have disrupted how humans work, play, think, learn, and create. As early adopters and creators of Artificial Intelligence (AI), software developers who are often considered as the knowledge workers of tomorrow, are at the leading edge of this disruptive technology.Β In this Fellow Lecture, Margaret-Anne Storey will explore how AI is impacting software development practices, development productivity and software developer experience.

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