Collegium Helveticum

Developing Effective Climate Policy


Venue & accessibility info: Meridian Hall, Collegium Helveticum

This is a public event. Participation is free of charge and registration is not required.

The workshop is followed by a small reception.

The science is clear that the climate is changing, yet there are continued debates about the most effective paths forward for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This workshop brings together an interdisciplinary group of social science scholars to present cutting-edge insights from economics, political science, and political economy on how to address climate change.

The discussion will range from politically feasible climate policy to ways to induce green innovation and adoption of green technologies. One theme of discussion will be about developing climate policy under uncertainty, and how this intersects with political feasibility, effects on different populations, and economic efficiency. The workshop will consist of six presentations by leading scholars in the social science of climate change, and ample time for discussion. There will be apΓ©ro following the workshop.



Opening and welcome remarks

Kenneth Gillingham
Yale University, ETH Zurich, and Collegium HelveticumΒ 


Political Acceptance and Climate Policy

Tobias Schmidt
Energy and technology policy
ETH Zurich, CH

Bjarne Steffen
Climate Finance and policy
ETH Zurich, CH

Simon Scheidegger
HEC Lausanne, CH Β 


Coffee break


New Technologies and Climate Policy

Claudia Gentile
University of Zurich, CH

Armin Schmutzler
University of Zurich, CH Β 

Massimo Filippini
Energy policy and economics
ETH Zurich, CH


Closing remarks

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