Collegium Helveticum

Dense + Green Cities
Architecture as Urban Ecosystem


Venue: Collegium Helveticum
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11:00–16:30

DENSE+GREEN CITIES delves into the intricate relationship between urban structures and the urban environment, treating them as interconnected ecological systems. This exploration spans various facets, including conceptualization, planning, design, technology, and the human experience. The concept of β€œgreen building” is thoroughly examined through in-depth case studies, providing insights into some of the most pioneering dense and green cities worldwide, encompassing regions in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

This initiative is rooted in an ongoing research project that was initiated at the Singapore-ETH Centre Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) in 2015. Originally established in 2010 by ETH Zurich and the National Research Foundation Singapore, in collaboration with key academic partners – including the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore University of Technology and Design – FCL (now FCL Global) was founded with a mission to comprehensively study sustainable future cities through a lens of scientific inquiry, innovative design, and practical implementation. Within this broader framework, FCL is dedicated to pioneering new integrated planning paradigms, research methodologies, and implementation processes aimed at supporting higher population densities, elevated standards of environmental sustainability, and an overall improved quality of urban life.

In this context, the DENSE+GREEN CITIES research embarks on an exploration of pioneering architectural projects and urban developments within high-density urban environments. Through systematic case studies, it delves into various aspects, including urban planning and design, architectural innovation, environmental impact, social dynamics, and economic considerations, all contributing to a holistic understanding of how to create more sustainable and livable urban environments.

Opening: November 28, 2023, 18:15

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