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Information for Fellows

As part of the fellowship program at the Collegium, each fellow is asked to host and organize an event. On this page we provide a step-by-step guide for this process. Please study the information carefully and follow the steps as laid out.

Organizing an event at the Collegium
Information for fellows

Organizing and hosting your own event is a central part of the fellowship experience at the Collegium. Each fellow’s event is individual and organized around their own interests and work, with no single format applied to all events. You can give a lecture, convene a meeting, organize a workshop, host a symposium, set up a conference, curate an exhibition, or develop an entirely new form for your event. The diversity of the event program is a reflection of the variety of projects, people, disciplines, and backgrounds of the fellows at the Collegium. All events by fellows are free-of-charge for attendees, and most are open to the public, making the Collegium a focal point where different audiences can join in the discussion.

The Collegium’s staff strives to make the process of organizing your event as a fellow as smooth as possible. Please follow our step-by-step process in the following guide.

Step-by-step guide

  • Who: You and Mario Wimmer
  • When: At the beginning of your fellowship at the Collegium

As a first step, you will have an initial meeting with Mario Wimmer, in person or via Zoom. Please contact Mario via email to schedule this meeting.

In preparation for the meeting, please email your outline using the financial support form. You can find some samples here.
After the meeting, Mario will forward the final version to the Events Office and Communications Office.

  • Who: You
  • When: After your initial meeting
  1. Subscribe to the Collegium’s internal digital event calendar.
    You can find exact instructions via this link.
    (For support, contact the ID Services for D-GESS,
  2. Choose an available date in the digital event calendar, indicated as “FREE Eventslot: organized by Fellow” or “Fellow Lecture”
  3. Submit your reservation request using our online reservation form.
  4. Based on your submitted reservation request, the Events Office will get back to you in due time to either confirm your request or to ask you to choose an alternative date.
  • Who: You with Events Office (in person with Andrea).
  • When: At least nine weeks prior to event, always on Thursdays.
  • How: Andrea will invite you via email, providing you with the links to the budget and program templates.

In this meeting you will discuss the budget and program, identify open issues, and define deadlines.

It would be helpful if you provided the Events Office with a first draft of the budget template and a preliminary program template two days prior to this meeting.
For reference, here’s a sample budget and a sample program.

  • Who: You to Events Office via email.
  • When: At least eight weeks prior to your event.

After the meeting with the events office, you will submit the completed budget template to
In case its helfpul, here’s a sample budget.

Mario does the final sign off and confirms it to you via email (with cc to Events Office and Mick Lehmann).

  • Who: You with the Events Office (Andrea).
  • When: 2-3 days before the event
  • How: In person

2-3 days before the actual event, you and the Events Office will have a final briefing. In this meeting, you will do an organizational walk-through of your event and its program.

Forms and templates