Collegium Helveticum

Eliot Gisel

Pronouns: they/them

As Communications Associate, Eliot Gisel supports Head of Communications Mick Lehmann in the Collegium’s everyday communication needs and in strengthening its public profile. To this, Eliot Gisel (born 1987 in Stans, CH) brings several years of experience working in the areas of design, editing, writing, and community organizing. Eliot is a 2019 Swiss Design Award recipient and a 2015 grantee by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. After a BFA in graphic design and an MA in cultural journalism, Eliot is now pursuing an MA in history at the University of Zurich. Eliot also works as a research assistant in the project “Sexual Abuse in the Context of the Catholic Church in Switzerland” at the University of Zurich.

Eliot’s move toward the academic field of history was prompted by their practice-informed awareness of how the ways that people communicate are and have been intricately tied up with complexes of knowledge and power. In their own research, Eliot thus seeks to bring together approaches from queer history, media and cultural history, as well as the history of knowledge to shed light on understudied cases of epistemic oppression and insurrection from the 20th century.