Collegium Helveticum


At the Collegium, outstanding researchers and artists at different career levels find the opportunity to gain new perspectives and reflect on their work. The fellowship program offers a unique chance for interdisciplinary exchange and opens up meaningful possibilities to jointly reflect on the major challenges of our time.


Welcome to the Collegium Helveticum

The Collegium Helveticum is currently the only Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Switzerland. It is supported by ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich, and the Zurich University of the Arts. Each year, it hosts up to forty international fellows who find protected time and space to pursue their projects and exchange across disciplines. At any one time, there are usually at most twenty-five fellows present, to ensure that interaction between all fellows is possible and all fellows have equal opportunity to engage in discussion of shared interests.

With its fellowship program and accompanying events to engage different audiences, the Collegium has established itself as a unique Institute of Advanced Study. The Collegium’s program creates a global network for Zurich and its universities.

The Collegium is part of the Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study (NetIAS) and the University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS) and is a partner of the Virtual Ukrainian Institute for Advanced Study (VUIAS).