Collegium Helveticum

Rooms and Equipment Available for External Events

This page presents all the rooms and technical equipment available for external booking requests. Any use is subject to approval.

Meridian Hall

The Meridian Hall is the largest event room at the Collegium Helveticum, located on the ground floor. Depending on the setup of the podium, the room can host up to 50 people (Option 1) or up to 70 people (Option 2). With its wood paneling and vaulted ceilings, the historic Meridian Hall has a unique charm.

The room is equipped with a podium, a ceiling-mounted projector, a retractable screen, and is usually set up in a traditional lecture-style seating layout. Additionally, the space is fitted with unattended “Audio-Web-Conference” technology, allowing for live audio and screen-presentation broadcasts. This makes the Meridian Hall best suited for formats such as lectures, panel discussions, or film screenings.


  • Option 1: maximum 50 people (full-width podium with 4 speaker chairs)

  • Option 2: maximum 70 people (shortened podium with 3 speaker chairs)


  • Fixed layout: lecture seating for 50 to 70 people

  • Podium with lectern and speaker chairs

  • Projector and two screen

  • Unattended Audio-Web-Conference equipment (live audio and screen-presentation broadcast), bring your own presentation device with HDMI/USB.


  • Speakers

  • 2 HDMI connections

  • 2 VGA connections

  • 6 wireless microphones (headsets); 1 hand microphone, 1 CatchBox (a maximum of 6 microphones plus the CatchBox can be used in parallel as there are only 7 seven audio channels).

  • 1 Wireless presenter

Rudolf Wolf Room

Located on the ground floor, the Rudolf Wolf Room is the second-largest event space at the Collegium Helveticum and can host up to 20 people. A large wooden table is placed in the middle of the room, surrounded by 16 antique chairs. The Rudolf Wolf Room provides a fixed projector and screen as well as a movable blackboard and white-board partition walls. The Rudolf Wolf Room is thus ideal for more conversational and interactive formats such as workshops, discussion groups, smaller lectures, or conferences.

The Rudolf Wolf Room together with the Collegium’s grand Entrance Hall (see below) is generally used to host receptions of up to 50 people (if used in combination with the adjacent Entrance Hall).


  • Maximum 20 people


  • Fixed layout: seminar seating with 16 chairs around large wooden table.

  • Projector and screen

  • Bar counter for catering

  • Movable blackboard and two white-board partition walls

  • Wireless presenter

  • No microphones

Catering in Rudolf Wolf Room/Entrance Hall

Catering is only possible in the Rudolf Wolf Room (for a maximum of 20 people), which can be combined with the Entrance Hall (for a maximum of 50 people). A bar counter is available in the Rudolf Wolf Room. For external events, catering services by SV Service (ETH Polyterrasse) are the responsibility of the organizer. The display cabinets in the Entrance Hall assigned to the ETH Library and cannot be used by the Collegium Helveticum or its fellows.


  • Option 1: Maximum 20 people (in the Rudolf Wolf Room)

  • Option 2: Maximum 50 people (in combination with the Entrance Hall)


  • Catering bar counter in the Rudolf Wolf Room